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video editing for short attention spans

We need to edit with the viewer in mind, not our ego. The focus of this course is gaining and keeping viewer attention by focusing on pacing. With over 500,000,000 watch time minutes, this is something we know a lot about.

fix a broken or stale youtube channel

Your YouTube channel is “stuck”, no momentum, you’re frustrated, and do not understand the analytics; this course is for you. In this course, we’ll take a deep dive into analytics to show you things to focus on which will revive your channel. It’s all in the analytics, trust us.

properly start a youtube channel

YouTube is a very competitive platform. You need a proper strategy and direction to succeed. Luckily, we’ve created this course that will allow you to skip mistakes that plague many channels.

cinematic vs. vlog videos

Understanding the difference between cinematic and “vlog style” is necessary to be successful on YouTube. In this course, we talk about the theory behind both and which will be more successful for your content.

youtube analytics for success

YouTube analytics can be overwhelming. Luckily, this is our expertise. In this course, we talk about the things to concentrate on which will enhance growth and stimulate your channel.

how to be a storyteller and why it matters

Think of your favorite movie and think of why you love it…it’s the story. If you can create a story arc in your videos, people will watch longer, and watching longer is the key to success on any video platform.

create captivating thumbnails

The thumbnail is the poster to the video. If it doesn’t attract viewers, nobody will watch your video. In this course, we talk about the philosophy and technical aspects of making amazing thumbnails.

1 million subs in less than 2 years

In this course, we talk about the three things that helped us build our family channel, McClure Twins Family, to 1 Million Subscribers in less than 2 years. These techniques apply to any channel genre.

the most important thing for video success

A video that doesn’t add value isn’t valuable. Choose to add value to people’s lives. Remember, a viewer is one click away from doing something else…why should they watch your video? Add value and people will connect with your content.

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